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Imagine having a helicopter flying and gaming experience that does not get disturbed by the weather elements or nightfall. It gets better when all you have to do is go inside the house, insert the specialized protective hull and keep enjoying the fun. This is what the new Sheridan Drone Helicopter affords astute gamers.

The press only launch on the Sheridan Drone helicopter mesmerized attendees not only at the entrance of the venue but also inside, with the Sheridan Drones flying around the hall at guided heights.

In the same way, there are no limits to enjoying this flying machine indoors, especially with the in-built safety features that prevents damage even when it collides with other machines or harder surfaces. Come fly with me as we explore these features.

Plastic and Foam Body

The design of the Sheridan Drone stays compact even after collisions because of the plastic and foam material used in its manufacture. For power protection, the machine’s main circuit system and battery compartment is housed in a Styrofoam shell which neutralizes shock effects during bumps and crashes.

X-like Body Design

The X-like body design of the Sheridan Drone makes it a good candidate for flying inside the house. The metal housing for the four plastic rotors protrudes from the ends of the machine in an X-shaped fashion, helping with stability. Also, it is equipped with a plastic landing flat pad and multiple sensors that helps the machine maintain its bearings while approaching the ground.

Multiple Rotors

The multiple rotors located on the ends of the Sheridan Drone are not just for show. They help with stabilizing the device especially after collision with a foreign object, which can be hardly prevented when gaming inside a confined space. These rotors alongside embedded sensors allow the machine experience stabilizing effects of pitching, rolling and yawing as required while in motion.

Styrofoam Rotor Protectors

While flying your copter inside the house, the rotors can be covered with dedicated large hulls, which are used to protect the rotor blades from strewing in clothes or soft material. Also, they prevent the rotors from breaking or getting stuck into foreign materials while in motion.

The above features and a number of other advanced technological embedment means that you can enjoy your gaming, flying and warring with your Sheridan Drone inside the house without any worries. For design purposes and ease of access during multi-player gaming, some machines are adorned with stickers for easy identification and control.