AirForce C.A.P. Emergency Services Search

C.A.P. Emergency Services drills are called SAREX’s. The clinic entails building a gathering of floor teams that organize search and rescue . The U.S.A.F. calls Cap to get a real mission usually once an airplane is reported overdue or lost or once an emergency locator transmitter E.L.T. is tracked in an a/c vhf frequency. This action is more rewarding to Cap members that provide saving assistance or offer to help locate lost persons. We HF two way radios to perform the tasks and make use of vhf.

I thought there might happen to be a few of these here that could have taken a part of that training/exercise, out. You see I am a part of the Regional Amateur Radio Emergency Service (A.R.E.S.) and Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (R.A.C.E.S.), I am also contemplating becoming a part of the Citizen Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T) and with me being a veteran of the US Air Force also having served as a civilian Police Officer in the Dothan Airport (at Alabama) I’ve a fascination with this.

Well I got a dialog started here I will just have to wait and see whether there are some Alabama CAP members to join in the dialogue. Alabama Cap associates to join in the conversation. You might realize that there are lots of members of A.R.E.S. who are also members of Cap. The Vertex 150 such as (even though being phased out in Cap) can insure most of the Cap repeaters in addition to the ham repeaters.

Though we still normally call them “SAREXs”, most include tragedy relief/photo reconnaissance tasks to the situations today. I do not pretend to trace C.A.P Communications carefully at all, but I recently did see a post stating that each and every CAP repeater from the nation has been becoming replaced.

My post does not alter. However, the shift to ring does. Following Oct 2007, all Cap radios have to be narrow group, so the market is going to be flooded with used private radios (unless the penis can be a ham) The shift also suggests that Cap communications will likely be seriously restricted due to the price of radios which comply with the new criteria. Members can not afford the purchase price of the radios.

Can there be some sort of grants available to Cap squadrons to simply buy these compliant radios that are brand new? If the people need to obtain their own yes using the cost it will reduce down the amount of radios which consequently could restrict the assignments’ capabilities.

In the world that is Amateur there’s some technology that’s currently becoming available and it is quite costly. It is D-STAR when it is available the cost may return and just in case anybody is wondering what I am referring to.

Cap radios and such, what was/is why for radios at the first location? Seems like using the H.A.M. radios which will be readily altered for Cap and or M.A.R.S. usage could, or should’ve become the method to last but then again I figure there are lots of pros and cons to be considered.

It does, in the event the compliant radios will be expensive to that some or members can’t buy them how do Cap execute its missions? These query might have already been asked and answered elsewhere within this particular forum but please amuse me for awhile and let us open up a conversation about these radios that are new and also what the possible answer could be.

However, Cap members are not required to buy their materials. They may do this if they need extras. National developed programs based on what they believed each unit had and was distributing radios based on that program, such as handheld and portable (automobile) units.

I believe we’re still lacking in units for floor teams bear in mind the National never utilized to issue them and people were kind of purchases. Things are advancing. As the quality of the radios, I am not an expert on these, only a user to.

I am aware that Cap was programming to the radios that may be useful in frequencies and at least there’s some movement towards obtaining Cap radios. Not sure that is. Given that lots of countries are struggling with this problem due to their response agencies, Cap is not on very top of the agendas.

So it this procedure has been happening for nearly 10 years. Considering that the A.F. has ponies up a great deal of cash to get radios, it’s eased a great deal of worries which were there in the start. Although lots of members that did have gear that met with the criteria which is usable are not too pleased about it, but understand there is.

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