Creech Air Force Base : Biography & Books

Creech Air Force Base is an air base located in Indian Springs, Nevada, USA, about 35 miles north of Las Vegas. Las Vegas, NV (12 miles), Los Angeles, CA (272 kilometers) is the closest town.

United States Airforce Currently Detachment 2 of the 98th Range Wing Operations Group is stationed at the base is served by the base. The foundation is about 1.1 million acres in area. No troops are located at this base.

The base is a practice field for the thunderbirds. Additionally, it is the predator base. It was previously known as Indian Springs Air Force Auxiliary Air Field while it was a part of Nellis Air Force Base and began operations in 1942.

Creech AFB is named after General Wilbur L. “Bill” Creech, who’s considered the Father of the Thunderbirds for his early support of the program The housing facilities of Nellis AFB is used. Shadow Creek (Golf Courses), Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Rainbow Casino are some of the attractions near the base.

There are no educational institutions established at the bottom. The base has ‘Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Center for Excellence’ that is used for handling UAV’s, for training the officers. MQ-1 rQ-1 & MQ-9 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can be found in the base The base is located in a little town with wiper auto blade.

One of those predators operated by this base was responsible for killing a pioneer in Iraq. The base is playing a significant part in Afghanistan & IRAQ wars. The assignment was a practice field for fighters.

It does not have a commander of its own. The base is under the Nellis Air Force Base commander’s control.