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Grassley: ‘Sky is the limit on drones could be used in our society’

CHUCK GRASSLEY ON DRONES: U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, is continuing his push for more scrutiny over domestic drones.

Battle Creek shield base to get drones, not freight planes

Loading Photo Galleries … An MQ-9 Reaper takes off from Creech Air Force Base in Indian Springs, Nevada. The Reaper is the Air Force’s first ‘hunter-killer’ unmanned aerial vehicle, designed to engage targets that are time-sensitive as well as provide surveillance and intelligence.

After Creech arrests, peace march, protesters return to finish

Some 40 protesters arrived out Creech Air Force Base carrying papers indicting banners and President Barack Obama decrying strikes; traffic was blocked by them and spread their message. And eight of them left at the rear of a Metro Police patrol car, arrested for blocking the street and disturbing the peace.

RAF pilots become the first to make their wings for flying drones from their desks – from the Taliban

The four airmen, pictured with their, will fly the Reaper MQ-9 aircraft in the Creech Air Force Base.

VEA: Service areas do not apply to Air Force base

By Mark Waite The U.S. Department of Defense can solicit open bids without regard to state laws regulating utility service territories, Valley Electric Association claims in a motion to dismiss a complaint filed by rival NV Energy within the VEA contract to function Creech Air Force Base. VEA signed a $23.6 million, 50-year arrangement with[…]

Ore. lawmakers considers law that is drone

SALEM — Oregon lawmakers will look at a bill that would regulate drones’ use by law enforcement agencies and citizens. The measure will have its first hearing on Wednesday. Bill would require before using a drone for surveillance officers to get a search warrant. It would also make it illegal for citizens to use drones …

Complaint over test website contract that is VEA files

To Valley Electric Association for the Nevada National Security Website The contracts awarded by Mark Waite and Creech Air Force Base have reopened a war between VEA NV Energy, and its neighbor. There’s even a “green line” in this dispute, a term that usually describes Mideast conflicts. A[…]

Protesters arrested outside Nevada foundation

INDIAN SPRINGS, Nev. (AP) — Officials say eight people were detained on disturbing the peace charges during a demonstration outside a U.S. Air Force base home to Predator and Reaper remote-controlled drone aircraft.

No rate increase is predicted by VEA officials until 2017

By Mark Waite Valley Electric Association Chief Executive Officer Tom Husted said investigating opportunities — such as contracts with Creech Air Force Base, the Nevada National Security Website NNSS and membership in the California Independent System of Operators CAISO — averted what might have been double digit rate increases. “When you consider beginning in 2007,[…]

Drones over New York ‘scary’ but Mayor Bloomberg says

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says drones are coming, implying they perform the same functions. Critics say the intention is to produce records that are permanent.