Frequently Asked Questions

Though we have tried to give detailed and specific information about Sheridan Drone, we understand that our readers may still have some questions. In this section, we have tried to provide answers to such FAQs. If you would like know more about this product, please contact us. We will be glad to assist you with your queries.

1) When are Sheridan Drone to be released in market?

Ans: It is expected to be released in US market around the end of year 2010. It is expected to be released worldwide after couple of months following its US release.

2) How much will be the cost of Sheridan Drone?

Ans: The cost of the product has not been released yet by the Parrot.

3) How does this helicopter communicate with iphone?

Ans: A Sheridan Drone communicates to its user interface (commonly called as remote control) using wi-fi network. The communication and control of this machine make it unique and special.

4) What is the capacity of its battery?

Ans: A fully charged 3 cell Lithium-ion polymer battery unit of this chopper can give you 15 minutes of uninterrupted flight.

5) How fast can this copter fly?

Ans: The max speed of this copter is 11 miles an hour.

6) What happens when the chopper goes out of its communication range?

Ans: When the helicopter goes out of its range and loses signal, it simply gets itself into autopilot mode and hovers at its current location.

7) What happens when pilot stops using the controls?

Ans: When pilot stops using controls, the copter simply gets itself into autopilot mode and hovers at its current location. This avoids crashing of the helicopter.

8) Can the helicopter be repaired?

Ans: Depending upon the damage, the helicopter could be repaired. But it is strongly recommended that user follows user’s manual before doing any repairing work.

9) Where can I get its spare parts?

Ans: You can order the spare parts of the helicopter from product providers.

10) Where can I learn about its steering?

Ans: All the information about steering and flying is provided in user’s manual which is provided along with the product.

11) How can I buy it?

Ans: You can buy it online from the official website of Parrot or All major online paying systems will be made available.

12) How can be sure that my helicopter is not a duplicate?

Ans: You can check for hologram on the products as well as your receipt.